Kawasaki H2 H2R 750 Race Bike

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Kawasaki H2 H2R 750 Race Bike


Kawasaki’s H2 Mach IV was produced from 1972 to 1975 as a 750 cc 3 cylinder two-stroke and in stock form it produced 75 horses, was capable of 120 mph and ran mid 12’s in the 1/4 mile. The bike has true race pedigree with a long list of the era’s top superstars in its saddle(Team Hansen, Mick Grant, Graeme Crosby, Paul Smart, Barry Ditchburn and Yvon Duhame) racing privateer or factory H2R ‘ s plus the later water cooled KR750 ‘ s.

In the regular world The H2 has always been the brute of stories (especially by people who are not riders) about violent wheelies and uncontrollable power slides, which in all actuality are well deserved. The H2 is Brutus from the Popeye cartoons, outrageously strong and very unforgiving while at the same time full of charm(just ask Olive). The H2 is loud, uncomfortable(vibration that will make your fingers bleed), flexy, stinky and hot in an extremely satisfying way. I actually do not think I ever rode my H2 more than 45 miles at a time in the year I owned it. The short trips taken on the H2 were of course absolute bliss, however, at no point would I have ever considered road-racing it. The expense of putting a well prepped one together has to be pretty high and you will see very few at the tracks. (the ones there are a site and sound experience all their own).

Dave Crussel is probably the foremost authority on running one and his race journal is a must read if you are considering racing a H2.

The H2 ‘s are still available for a price and while they may seem pretty expensive, I would say they are probably a deal at the present rates. They will never lose their value and I actually think you are looking at a Japanese Vincent, Ducati 750SS or a 57 Chevy . They really have only just started their climb in the price ladder. When you consider you can get one for less than a new GSX-R 750, that still seems like a deal to me.

Do i want another one? No, they are still hot, stinky, loud and probably one of the most obnoxious motorcycles ever made(in a good way though!!). I also like my neighbors enough to keep them on my good side, which would be extremely difficult if I had another one floating around the house(especially a race H2 being throttle tuned at night).


Dave Crussel who races an H1r H2r A1r F9r has an excellent page and he races about every vintage kawasaki model they produced http://www.mojokawasaki.com/

Boots Langley a pretty famous local H1 H2 builder in San Diego http://www.bootstriples.com

Scott Clough Racing as usual for High end 2 stroke race tuning http://home.earthlink.net/~scloughn/

Framecrafters have done some very exotic h2r frames and check out their hand made exhausts!http://framecrafters.net/

Great Forum http://kawi2strokes.com/

Triple Forum http://kawasakitriples.myfastforum.org


Crussels H2R

Kawasaki H2 H2R KR750 Vintage race bike

David Crussel’s Kawasaki H2 based H2R Classic Road Racer

1976 KR750 (Jim Evans)

Kawasaki H2 H2R KR750 classic road racer

Kawasaki’s KR750 ‘ s have to be some of the meanest looking racers of the 70″s

kawasaki KR750 Yvonne Duhamil racer

Kawasaki H2 H2R KR750 Vintage race bike

Another Crussel 70’s era Kawasaki KR750 vintage superbike

Dave Crussel on his back wheel Kawasaki  H2R

Kawasaki H2 H2R KR750 Vintage race bike

Kawasaki’s Historic H2 H2R 750 doing what it is most famous for

Crussel and H2R at Phillip Island Australia

Kawasaki H2 H2R KR750 Vintage race bike

Dave Crussel and his H2rR Vintage roadracer at a classic Race meet Phillip Island Australia

Crussel H2R from SCR

Kawasaki H2 H2R KR750 Vintage race bike

A Scott Clough Piped Kawasaki H2 H2R belonging to David Crussel


Dave Crussel's Christian Leon 1973 H2R

Kawasaki H2 H2R KR750 Vintage race bike

Another Crussel Kawasaki H2R

Erv Kanemoto H2R for Gary Nixon

Kawasaki H2 H2R KR750 Vintage race bike

Kawasaki H2 based H2R road racer

Crussel's Team Hanson H2r

Kawasaki H2 H2R KR750 Vintage race bike

Team Hansen Kawasaki H2 H2R Vintage Race Bike


1973 kawasaki  C&J H2R 1

Kawasaki H2 H2R KR750 Vintage race bike

More Crussel Kawasaki H2R Road Racing machines

Crussel's H2R at Willow springs AHRMA 2011

Kawasaki H2 H2R KR750 Vintage race bike

Kawasaki H2R Racing with AHRMA

Hurly Wilvert's  daytona H2R

Kawasaki H2 H2R KR750 Vintage race bike

Classic Kawasaki H2 750 based H2R Vintage road Race bike

Crussel H2R Willow springs AHRMA

Kawasaki H2 H2R KR750 Vintage race bike

D. Crussel heading out to Willow Spings Raceway during AHRMA event on His Kawasaki H2R



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