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A very custom Yamaha RZ350 Race Bike

NOCAM Racing Yamaha RZ350 Road Racer When a race bike comes to the end of its useful life it is usually not a pretty site. All of the trick parts that made it special are usually sold for quick cash to other racers or friends leaving the bike to be completely parted out or returned […]

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Yamaha FZ750 Road racer ‘s in Germany

Carsten Cordt’s Yamaha FZ750 Race bike and Site German Racer Carsten Coordt is a big fan of Yamaha’s 5 valve FZ750 and currently competes on one at home.  Here in the states the FZ750 is best remembered as Eddie Lawson’s  1986 Daytona 200 winning ride. Carsten has an excellent website with a nice collection of […]

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Motorcycle gearing Calculator by Gearing Commander

I have been using a Gearing Commander’s free calculator for a while now and have to say it is definitely my favorite . Add your bikes specs and see what minor changes can do for your vintage race bike. Sprockets, tire size and transmission ratios at your fingertips.

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classic Motorcycle race pictures from Bob Pope

Vintage racing Ducati Roundcase 750ss ,Kawasai H1 500 Road racer, classic kz900 / Z1 Bob Pope Recently sent me some great pics from a road race in 1974/75 Sanair Quebec ,Alma Quebec. There are some great Ducati Roundcase pics  and a Kawasaki H1 as well as a kz900 / Z1 carrying the checkered flag. Outstanding!!!

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Desert sled to SOS Racer YZ400 Vintage race bike

We all get a dumb idea every once and a while and we have all seen the occasional oddball  race bike out at the track.Michael Moore’s Eurospares   has a couple of unforgettable “someone races or raced that” bikes on the his long running page. Chain drive vision 550???. I remember Bill Hennesy thundering […]