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Desert sled to SOS Racer YZ400 Vintage race bike

May 17th, 2014

We all get a dumb idea every once and a while and we have all seen the occasional oddball  race bike out at the track.Michael Moore’s Eurospares   has a couple of unforgettable “someone races or raced that” bikes on the his long running page. Chain drive vision 550???. I remember Bill Hennesy thundering down the track in the Bott class at willow springs on his chain driven virago 920? Definitely odd, but at the same time very cool. I added my own last year as a kinda throw away Sound of singles race bike. i had been working on a dr650 motored 1986 gsxr roller and came across a english website  with a bike that stimulated my RD/TZ loving 2stroke side for the singles classes.

All good Ideas are infectious and a 200 lb 30 hp race bike is actually a great Idea. This normally would have necessitated a quick run to the Craigslist or ebay, but i actually had two and a half 1978 YZ400′s already in the barn collecting dust as i kept them laying around as occasional desert bombers and throw away loaner bikes for friends. These dinosaurs are pretty much indestructible and live to be abused and neglected. The 400 would also give me about 10 or so more ponies to work with , which is gonna come in pretty handy as i weigh about 50 to 60 lbs more than the bike will weigh.


I also have quite a pile of RD stuff laying around have been slowly pulling together a pretty neat looking rig.

The YZ will be legal almost everywhere WERA   Clubman ,  AHRMA SOS3 and should make it around a track a couple of times this year (work Permitting)

Keep an eye out for an update!





AHRMA next Generation Superbike

January 29th, 2014

   My AHRMA next Generation Superbike racer



Ebay is a tricky thing, one minute you are casually entertaining the idea of another race bike and at the end of that minute you own it. Sometimes this is not really a good thing, but there are other times you score.

i saw the GSXR pretty early and casually bid up to about 1200 hundred clams. I was already working on an 86 gsxr, but as much as i love 86′s the 91-92 GSX-R750  was a pretty mean piece of equipment. This one had been raced with AFM ( )  and is set up as a pretty tidy supersport bike. I had all the parts for the 86, but they had not come together yet. I even scored a fresh set of bodywork from Kent Riches at AIrtech Streamining ( ), but still could not resist the Ebay GSXR. I pumped up the bid to 1800 the last 30 seconds of the auction and walked away with this very sweet Race bike for $1500.00


This GSXR750 will make a happy addition to the trailer with my RD400 and i hope it does what almost all the GSXR’s I have ever owned have  done “run like a scalded monkey no matter how much you beat abuse or neglect it.” Low maintenance / pure fun is what I am looking for. I will be running it with AHRMA( )and maybe a couple of Wera ( ) V6 V7 Races.